Resilient Communities

I am interested in planning and developing more resilient communities, especially with vulnerable populations.  My work spans the globe.  I have worked on post-disaster recovery in vulnerable communities in North Carolina and sensitive and impoverished regions in Vietnam.  Along with colleagues from Clemson University, our work in the Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geo-Park in the Ha Giang Province of Vietnam was incorporated into a regional plan that won the 2019 Bronze Medal in Vietnam for Best Regional Plan.  I have ongoing collaborations with the faculty at the National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our current collaboration examines housing, air, and water quality in industrial zones in Hanoi.

My interest in resilience extends to understanding how we teach and train future scholars and practitioners about designing resilient communities.  My research has looked at how university programs deliver resilient design education in five different disciplines: planning, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and building science.  Training and educating future generations about resilient design is of utmost importance in an era of climate change.

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