Resilient and Equitable Communities Post-Disaster

Team members: Gavin Smith, Professor of Landscape Architect, NC State, Nora Schwaller, PhD Candidate at UNC; Amanda Martin, PhD Candidate at UNC

Two thousand and seventeen marks the costliest year on record for disasters in the United States. The damage toll for the sixteen disaster events that year totaled more than $309 billion. The rising cost of disasters and the human suffering that occur in the aftermath have made the call to plan communities resiliently and prepare and mitigate the effects of climate change more important than at any other time in history.

A new generation of leadership in planning and policy making are needed to facilitate a return to a new normal post-disaster, in which communities are defined by more equity and socially cohesion, local economic diversification, a reduction in robust physical and social vulnerabilities, and where the natural environment is protected and restored.  Since 2016, my research team has studied the post-disaster recovery process in Eastern North Carolina following Hurricane Matthew.  In 2018, Hurricane Florence hit land in many of the same areas as Hurricane Matthew, causing massive destruction and devastation. Over 100,000 homes were affected by Florence.

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